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Your loved ones deserve the very best care, compassion, and support. Heart 2 Heart Home Care provides exactly that for residents of Beaver, Allegheny, Butler and Lawrence Counties.


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You can help ensure that your loved ones are happy, healthy, and safe at home with our home care services. An expert staff member is waiting to help!

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Your loved one doesn't need to exhaust their life's savings in a nursing home. Hearts 2gether Homes can provide a comfortable home and someone to help with appointments, meals, shopping, and more. Read More

Heart 2 Heart Home Care is dedicated to providing the residents of Allegheny, Beaver and Lawrence Counties, with the finest in home care services. Because of the age demographics, shorter hospital stays, and families' choosing to care for loved ones at home, Heart 2 Heart is a viable option.


Heart 2 Heart is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our community by helping those in need to be healthy, happy, and safe at home. Our trained staff is passionate about making a difference in the lives of our patients. At Heart 2 Heart, our patients can expect the finest care with respect and dignity.


Heart 2 Heart supports the Independent Living Philosophy, which contends that consumers should have choice and control over their care. They have the right to make decisions about their lives, fully participate in their communities, live with dignity, have the appropriate support in their home, maintain employment, and take the same risks as others. All healthcare workers are expected to respect all personal lifestyles, choices, and beliefs. The key is to focus on the individual and to treat our consumers with respect, foster and support independence - not dependence - on the home care staff.


Working together with state, country, and federal governments, Heart 2 Heart ensures that each consumer's services and supports are provided according to appropriate rules and regulations. Our staff's skills and competencies are consistently reviewed and improved to promote a high level of excellence in care. The staff, in turn, mentors and trains our consumers and their families to share information and knowledge, and continue work with them to improve their loved one's quality of life and care.

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